About Gabby Wells

Gabby Wells is the main character in a young adult thriller novel series.  She’s a darker, modern day Nancy Drew-type character living in a Hitchcockian universe.  She’s a teen sleuth who faces tremendous challenges, including the high expectations of her faith.  She has been broken from a hard life and tries to overcome her doubts and life’s harsh indifference to reach heaven while saving lives and kicking butt.

The first novel, Kneel & Prey, is available at Amazon.

You can find out more at GabbyWells.com.


4 comments on “About Gabby Wells

  1. Just doing some late work on my computer and noticed your site in my “tabs” at the bottom of my screen, even though I did not search out your site ?
    Then as I started to type in my name to comment, “Stone Church” populated the field rather than my last name? Strange, as I have only used Stone Church after my name in an email months ago, or longer and it has never auto populated any name field before. Anyway, I am a screenwriter and as you probably know by now, a Christian. Are you guys still around, as I noticed some of the comments are 3 years old?
    Another coincidence maybe, but about 4 years ago, I had written out some extensive story ideas about a “Paul to St. Paul” story involving internal and external challenges. I took it out recently, compelled to flush it out a bit more and have put it aside once more.

    • We are still around. Things are going slower than we’d like, but we can feel God’s hand in the process, so we are patient. We fill the time by writing and have five screenplays and a television series ready to go. Just waiting on a few more pieces before we feel God will start the next phase of our production cycle.

  2. Because you’re catholic and so am I would you be interested in reviewing my film, Our Father. I’ve recently completed post production and have about 6 or 7 distributors interested in considering the film, although nothing firm at this time. My film is like a modern day story of Job, something never done in film yet. I’ve provided the website to you, I’d be interested to know what you think. Thanks and God bless… Ernesto

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