About Club God

Club God is a short film about a comedic writer, Stephen who is prematurely called to Heaven early so that he can help God with his comedy act.  The short explores a humorous way in which God shows us that he needs to come first in our lives.

It is included in the Nikki & Babs: Dos and Doubts DVD.


3 comments on “About Club God

  1. Jesse – As I mentioned in my other reply, I’m not sure how God would converse with a human without referring to His Word and His theology. I’m pretty sure God’s not very interested on our imperfect assumptions and interpretations, but would be more inclined to correct us than allow us to continue misinformed.

    Thanks for watching!

  2. Calvary greetings to you all at ‘SONLIGHTPICTURES’ in the beloved name of our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ. Just watched your brilliant short film “About Club God”, with my wife and a young sister in Christ here in London, ENGLAND, and had to write this letter of encouragement to you talented guys. This is an incredible, powerful, amusing, yet powerful tool of evangelism with a strong mesage of salvation, and very well acted by these two gifted and anointed actors!!!

    May God continue to shower His abundant rains of blessings and new concepts, ideas, and fresh story-lines upon all you guys, and may He take your ministry to a new level and to your prepared place in Jesus Christ’s faithful name – AMEN.


  3. Daniele,

    Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement. They are greatly appreciated! The struggles we face can be daunting, but the support of people like yourself and the guidance of Jesus, we can accomplish great things!

    Have a wonderful and blessed year.


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