5 comments on “Grace

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! My husband and I have made it a point to say grace at home, out in a restaurant or abroad. We hold hands across the table and if our family is with us, we all join hands, and say a blessing. We have found that we receive mostly nods of approval and the occasional stare of disbelief. Hopefully, our small gesture, will have a ripple effect and other people with ‘come out of the prayer closet’ and join us in this silent expression of our faith. Great post! Thank you.

    • That’s great! Yes, I’ve become a big believer that we must life our faith visually. We need to stop relying on the govt to display our beliefs or our church or our friends. We need to be overt, yet respectful and never back down. The idea that we should curtail our behavior because it might offend someone is in opposition to what Jesus asked of his Apostles (and us), to share the good news. Saying grace where ever we are is a very simply way to start.

      God bless you and your family!

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