3 comments on “Seeing My Sin From God’s Eyes

  1. Pete – it’s Larry Forbish from around 30 years ago. Your “Weight of Sin” blog hit me like the bricks in the picture – I never thought to pray that prayer (but He knew you could handle the answer). Tell me your path to sainthood is a little less slippery now because I want to follow your example and ask for the same (after pleading for more grace and guts first!). Hope you’re well.

    • Larry! It’s so great to hear from you!

      I’m honored that my own little faith journey has had a positive effect (or it is affect) on your own.

      I respected you so much in high school. You were smart and funny and driven. I hope life is treating you well. (And I hope your sister is doing the same).

      Maybe we can get together sometime.

      • Pete, your apostolate (can I call it that?) is inspiring. Talk about salt and light! At the end of every Mass, there’s that variation on “the Mass is ended, go in peace,” right? Ite, missa est. One of the dismissals is “Go and announce the Gospel of the Lord.” Brother, you took that commission and ran with it! I guess for fifty years now, the message has been evangelization, and you’re setting the bar high – I wish you continued success in everything you do. And thanks for your good work. I live in Virginia with my wife and daughter, but my in-laws winter in Florida, so one day I’m sure we’ll get together. I’ll be following you in the meantime.

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