2 comments on “Art Matters

  1. I am a Christian screenwriter. I have written faith based scripts. They were tough to write, but I’m proud of them. They’re not saccharine sweet or preachy, and both would garner an R rating, but I didn’t hold back. It’s tough to find a market for Christian films that aren’t PG, or G. I do get disappointed when Christian films fall into the preachy mode. Who walks around in real life having conversations like that? I’d much rather address real issues with real, visceral dialogue and situations than parade around in a proper Sunday school dress.

    • The market place is a conundrum right now for Christian screenwriters. We talk to a lot of people who tire of having only G and light PG rated Christian flicks. If the Bible were made into to a film, it wouldn’t be G or PG either. But, since the Christian film marketplace is not well defined outside of the niche younger, cleaner films, its a hard sell to raise money for Christian work that has a greater edge.

      I hope when someone does it well (hopefully us LOL), that it will open up a paradigm that doesn’t yet exist.

      As gruesome and disturbing as it is, the film Seven is the only modern film that deals with the detrimental effects of the seven deadly sins… granted, its not a Christian film and doesn’t try to be, but think of how much more powerful it could have been if Christ was a bigger part of the discussion somehow… if the story forced Morgan Freeman’s character to confront his own faith struggles.

      When we write our screenplays, we don’t consider rating (albeit few if any would probably be R, most would be PG-13 I think) we just focus on telling the best story we can. I hope that edgier Christian fare makes it into the market someday soon.

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