4 comments on “The Slutification of America

  1. Nice post. I had to laugh at “slutification” but I think you also forgot one other important thing we’ve done – stopped praying. A few months ago my spiritual director and I were discussing how no one seems to pray the St. Michael prayer any longer and our social troubles seem to be on the upswing ever since!

  2. Pete you are soooo right! I have said this for a long time now…this country is the Sodom and Gamorrah of our time. I am waiting for God to take his justice on us. Who knows, we may be in it right now. The only thing we can do is pray for the people, pray for the country, pray for the world!

  3. Thanks Rett. I fear where this country is heading.

    And Joe, you are right. It was implied, but not clear. I’ll update it to make it more clear. Thanks!

  4. This is why the radical Muslims want to have a chance. Wait until they find out the bikini’s will be gone!!!!

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