36 comments on “The Actual Face of Jesus?

  1. I also watched the History channel special on the face of Jesus and read the book ‘Heaven is for real’ both were extremely fascinating. I am so glad you made this page, I’m touched by what I see. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I also read the book Heaven is for real several months ago…. and then I just now saw this history channel show of the real face of jesus and tried to compare them both online… found this site… I’m amazed as well! Thanks for sharing!

    • This is a “lie” Jesus had hair like lamb’s wool, and his feet was as bronze and his eyes were like fire meaning “red”. He was a child prodigy connected with this world and the universes. That is why he could perform miracles. Their are child prodigies today born of woman, but does not have the spiritual connection that Jesus had in his time. Please research before placing information on the website, to many lies have been told about who Jesus was and what he look like. Remember the region he came from, and surely he had no likeness of a white person. Do some research on the “Moors”

      • I find it interesting that “lie” is the word of choice. Lying implies intentional deceit and malice. Jesus was born Bethlehem. Bethlehem was 6 miles south of Jerusalem. In year 63 BC the Romans took control of Jerusalem and the rest of Judea from the Jews. Prior to the Romans ruling Jerusalem there were the Maccabees, The Greeks, The Babylonians, and Assyrians. Whether the Moors were present or not is not up for debate since the term “Moors” come from the Roman Maures, from the Greek Mauros. So, naturally His actual skin tone and eye color can be up for debate considering the ever changing population throughout Jerusalem in history.

        Aside from that, “Eyes like fire” does not necessarily mean that Jesus had red eyes. After all, fire itself burns hottest in the blue portion. I have heard the term eyes like fire when speaking of passion, love, and anger and it has never even come close to explaining the color. It is used to explain the intensity of the gaze. I myself have not met many people with red eyes.

        I’m assuming Jesus did have a bronze skin tone, after all he walked everywhere in Jerusalem and its rather hot there. The sun will bronze anyone’s skin whether they are white or black.

        I have never heard Jesus be described as a “child prodigy connected with this world and the universes” but as the Son of God, I’d say the definition fits.

        In terms of researching, I’d say this was fairly informative information and appreciate the post. After all, even in the end it states that none of us can really know. I have researched the area he came from and can personally say that there is a possibility that Jesus was in fact Jewish and therefore not overly dark and possibly having green or blue eyes, but not necessarily.

      • You are telling a lie. Where are you getting all of this? Did you know that this child progidy Akiane K. Actually SAW the real Jesus in her dreams and visions. Colton Burpo actually went to heaven and saw Jesus. He knows who Jesus is. He describes heaven as it is, and he is very accurate. That picture is the REAL JESUS.

      • This is a description of Jesus in the heavenly realm, but Psalm 45:2-3 describes Jesus “fairer then the children of men” interpreted as His physical description.

      • I agree with you, Yeshua had wooly hair, and bronze skin colour. These phenotypes actually fit for Middle Eastern people. The man encoded from the Shroud certainly is a Middle Eastern, just look at the nose… it’s eagle shaped, like most Jewish, Moors, Ethiopians, Arabs and other Semitic people. So by saying what you just said, fits correctly with this blog, so it’s not a lie. Now the child painting is correct, but not at all correct as you just stated. Off course the skin and hair colour is incorrect because of the child’s distortion of the vision… If I am correct, the child lives in a predominantly white area. That’s why the colours are incorrect. But it doesn’t mean we have to ignore the other facial features…. Do your research about the shroud and watch Ray Downing’s work!

      • ” his eyes were like fire ” is just the way he was described.. Not meaning that his eyes were red.. Just like saying ‘ you have a fiery attitude’ or something like that.

  3. I found this picture of Jesus very calm. I did not see a ‘face of judgement’ but of love and acceptance.
    Thank you so muck. Art

  4. Funny but have we realized that we are making judgments basing on research present by other people? The good thing about this page is that it was able to collate information and validated how Jesus looked like from how a daughter of an atheist saw it, a boy who died and had an actual encounter with the Lord and History (Shroud of Turin) and modern technology merged to bring back the actual Face of the Lord Jesus. For me, I find it insulting that someone tells me “i love you” and yet finds my looks unacceptable. Should we not be glad that God wanted us to see how He looked like? The point now is unless those kids and Ray Downing connived to fool us with the Face of Jesus or we really love the Lord in His entirety. ” Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed” (John 20:29).. We have not seen the Lord physically in His entirety aside from His presence in the Blessed Sacrament.. but.. The Shroud of Turin was left to us and God gave Mr Ray Downing the talent to use modern technology and the wisdom to recover the face and is now validated by Akiane and Colton.. three different instances.. 3 different events and time… verifying the same face.. thanks to SONLIGHT PICTURES.. and i quote.. “BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO HAVE NOT SEEN AND HAVE HAVE BELIEVED.”

  5. Jesus said “UNLESS YOU BECOME LIKE LITTLE CHILDREN, YOU WILL NEVER SEE THE KINGDOM OF GOD” , Akiane and Colton saw the Lord as children, do you know anyone who is also an 8 year old kid and has no formal schooling for painting and yet, was able to do an ” oil painting” 5 feet in height?

  6. Ray Downing… do you believe you, or anyone, can own the image of Jesus? Was the purpose of your research to profit from something you can’t possibly own? Putting your name across His image as if no one can view His image except by you… you have sinned, you have sold your soul, and you will be judged accordingly.

  7. Do not fight if this is Jesus or not…every eye shall see Him when he comes.You might be suprised, He may look like me or you.Just be pure @ heart and you wil see Him

  8. i love my jesus enna yasappa thottathurku nandr ennai madrum ennethu family all members aservathr karthruku soisthram yasuven raththam jayam alaluya

  9. I’ve been in the Holy Land and Jewish people can be dark or light skin. I saw this beautiful woman whom I can see similar to the image we have as Mary the mother of Jesus, she has blue eyes and brown hair and with a veil, she is very much Jewish as I was standing near the wailing wall, she was passing with her child.

  10. His real name is not Jesus it is yahoshua or Yahweh he is black and a hebrew lopk at revelation 1:14 and daniel chapter 7 it tells you what he looked like and cant get no plainer than that the bible was written about the isrealites the chosen people us blacks in America today do your research people wake up stop being lied to

  11. It is so interesting to read everybody comments about how or what Jesus should look like, and who is lying. However, unless you are an artist, you are not able to understant art. This is a modern work of art and it should be looked at as it is, an art. It is so funny to see how religious people become so upset seeing a modern Jesus. However, they can become sofisticate using all kinds of modern technology but when it come to Jesus, they want to keep the old Jerusalem or Roman portrait style. Come on people!!…… art is forever changing and the old artwork of jesus were part of the past It was the way the artists were seeing him in their culture. Modern artwork is here to stay and sorry the face of Jesus also has to change.

  12. the thing is you don’t tell people who has been “there” a liar. especially if they are children. And do make a different between Jesus’ appearance as a human (Man) and as King of kings (God). that will save you from confusion.

    • Seeing the face of Jesus is so personal . It would be very painful to share such an intimate experience and have others tear you down simply for describing what you saw ……..so I apologize to this child and wonderful person for those people that have spoken so mean to you for such a innocent thing from a child I want to tell you that you are brave and bless you……….I want to share with you my very personal experience……only. ……to let others know that. I believe a lot of people may have seen this face or similar and we just don’t know about it ………..one nightafter time before the lord I cried out to see his face for 20 minutes or so I could always picture me with him…… but never the face and I longed. To see his face. the lord was gracious enough to show me …..his beautiful face with those beautiful loving blue eyes. …..but he looked so similar to the jesus this person saw as a child !!! So I believe if we all would cry out to see his face as he asked us to ….that he will show us. ……because I believe he wants us all to see him and look into those eyes that look at you with such unconditional love……… he will show that beautiful face to all those that love him!!!!Thank you for sharing with the world I love that we can look at this picture and see the love captured in his eyes that was the most unforgettable loving eyes and you have captured that somehow!!!

  13. Jesus is the epitome of LOVE; dying so that we might live forever. Keep his looks, personality and skin color in perspective. Live a good life on Earth so that you might meet Him in Heaven. RELAX AND ENJOY THE FACT THAT SOME PEOPLE ARE BLESSED TO SEE WHAT ALL OF US CANNOT. It is through others that we learn more. Critical thinking will take us further than criticism.

  14. God is good. God loves everyone who commented here. Jesus is the son of God and he loves you

  15. I’m hungry and thirsty about God, to see His real face is the thing that I wanted all along…I never see His real face, but I can feel His presence every time I worship and pray to Him…if It’s true the real face of My Lord Jesus, I’m so blessed to see it… i hope someday I can see Him face to face…

  16. “I believe that for every drop of rain a flower grows…” Key words, “I believe.” Whether a face is computer generated from the shroud. Whether it comes from a small child’s art, perception, or special gift (such as from the beauty of a savant who suddenly plays Bach perfectly having only heard it once, or another who mathematically calculates given numbers in the trillions in an instant). Jesus told us of it, and God created it, if you believe. The face of Jesus is the face of Jesus, because we of the living God are able to perceive it as such out of our desire; because we have the God given gift of choice based upon our own reflective reasoning; and, because someone was creative enough to present us with what very might be, and we choose to view it as such. It is not a sin to want to Believe. The beauty of this is that the talents provided to research, paint, or see and describe are all inspired by “our God” with mercy given us by “our Savior,” as in our desire to live in Christianity.

  17. No one has seen the face of Jesus Christ, except the disciples and people of his days. But I believe if we ask the Lord in faith and desire to see Him, He will show us. (Matthew 7:7). In Rev. 1 :13 -14, John said “he saw one LIKE unto the son of man….” and in Dan.7:9 describes the ancient of days(his hairs,garment and throne only, not the face) I assume it is God Himself and in the same Dan. 7 : 13, Daniel describes another entity “one like the son of man coming to the ancient of days” I assume he may be Jesus. But he was not described into details his facial appearance. So Blessed are those who have not seen but have believed in Jesus. One day the righteous shall see him face to face. Amen.


  19. Hi All:

    I was raised strict Southern Baptist; but changed spiritually after experiencing an NDE. My stepfather was from Mississippi, but I am from Maine. He met and married my mom when he was stationed in Maine.

    Anyway, I was raised to believe that dancing, singing, etc. was a sin (long explanation needed). However, in 1980, I had an NDE which changed my views drastically. No, I did not see Jesus or God but I did see Angels.

    With things the way they are today, I’m just glad that we can have websites to discuss religion. Heaven forbid, if I forget and say “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays,” or bring up God and/or Jesus in a conversation. They take the manager scene away from me during the Christmas Holidays because athiests don’t like it, they go to church every week; and yet tell us that using the name Jesus is “politically incorrect.”

    It’s refreshing to see people discuss God and Jesus and their religions. God bless youall.


    • Pamela: I am a retired Bio-health Research Psychologist; have studied the molecular sciences since its formal introduction in 1987, and have taught Addictions Sciences at the college level using said sciences. The neat thing about a Near Death Experience is that it is a real experience as opposed to a dream state. The NDE is remembered emphatically as opposed to dreams, that are normally processed as short-term potentiation (STP) electrical chemistry in a disruptive brain circuitry attempting to reorganize itself during sleep. Your response to the Face of Jesus. Presently, I am writing a novel about the first and most deadly school bombing in American history. It took place in Bath Township on May 18, 1927. I have been researching my work and writing for approximately 18-months now, and during said research I discovered a 1927 original picture (located in the Bath Historical School Museum) that is nearly 88-years old. I invite you to explore that picture and look very, very closely in many areas of it. In writing my novel, I have experienced many incredible things that have really increased my observations that demonstrate clearly life after death. So, I am saying you are right on with your NDE observations, because I too had one at the age of five years old. If you go to Google: Type “The Bath School Disaster” and then follow my directions to said picture.

      1. Once typed and opened on Google, you will see a site that says, “Images for the Bath School Disaster.” Tap on it and it will open to many pictures of people and the school ruins.

      2. Next, from the pictures shown you will see one of a school teacher in a black and white portrait frame. Her name is Miss Hazel Iva (Hebrew: Gift from God” Weatherby. She was the 3-4th grade teacher killed in the bombing. You will observe “306 x 439 Daily Mail” under her name. Tap on that picture. It will show a larger picture of her in the middle of the page. Tap on that picture. It will perhaps take a few seconds to load the next page for you. Be tolerant for it to load. It will state, “Daily Mail.” Scroll down the page to the second picture of the destroyed school building. The picture is clear but it does show cloudiness. That is why you have to look very closely.

      3. I will help you with the first and second apparitions. 1) Look between the top floor and bottom floor where you see the open closet with exposed coats and other clothes hanging. If you look real close in an area about two inches to the right of the open closet, you will see the figure of a man dressed in what appears is an old English set of clothing with a hat of that time period covering his head. That is the easiest one to find. There are several more. You might also observe that the hanging 2x4s from the roof form a cross.

      4. Looking straight down under the 1st apparition, and to the right about three inches (where part of the second floor has dropped to the 1st floor, you will observe a dark “chess pawn-like structure fallen on its side” in a small box-like setting. The best I can do leading you to it. If you look extremely close you will see the image of a small girl in a sitting position, with her hands crossed to each shoulder, just under her face.

      I have had these images reviewed by professional photographers and Marter Paranormal Research and no one can explain all of these images or where they came from when the 88-year old picture was originally taken. You also can visit the voice EVPs taken by Marter Paranormal. Please contact me if you should hear anything other than someone saying “A Cop,” please contact me immediately. That is extremely important. It is the second EVP down on the right side of the page.

  20. The shroud is a fake, it dates from the Middle Ages, between 1260 and 1390 in which it was created. The shroud is not the face of Yeshua, so I wouldn’t use that as a mold to compare with. Some people who claimed to have seen Yeshua says he doesn’t have a beard anymore as it was ripped from His face. Time will tell..

    • The carbon dating testing your claim relies on, Susan, is questionable, especially because the shroud survived a fire that would have impacted the test results. There is no certainty about when the linen was first woven.

      • True, John. There have been multiple analysis since the original carbon dating that show a number of factors that can affect it. The latest technology shows it fits between 300BC and 400AD.


        And the fabric is woven in 1st Century AD methods.

  21. Thanks for this I find it so relaxing , and I do believe that Jesus is look like what colton and akiane. and I do believe colton have been to heaven … 🙂
    I do believe in Jesus Christ and God the father and the Holy Spirit 🙂

  22. whatever Jesus’ face… His words of God is the most important to hear and to share.

    i was curios too of his image and i believe the heaven is for real, veronica’s veil, shroud of turin… has only one image. His flesh and eyes… not seen in shroud of turin. what is painted is real. a baby’s complete vision will be at 8 years old.

  23. Oh my gosh. I was told by the Father two days ago the the color of his eyes were green. Through this article, the picture and two witnesses of children, Christs eyes Are green! I was also told he would for my comfort and his reward. When he comes, the moon will be full and he will be wearing a blue shirt. ???

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