3 comments on “Basking in the Son – Episode 5

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  2. Christian films lack action that keeps today’s crowds glued to the screen. I have written a new series called “The Unborn” beginning with the first book in the series entitled “The Unborn Guardian.” In the story, I take a Jason Bourne type character and throw him into the middle of Revelation. God uses him to protect His interests of the unborn during the tribulation period. A mortal soldier drafted into a supernatural war by a God he has denied all his life. In the story, I create a prophet and prophecy as a judgment on unrepented abortion during man’s final years on earth, yet explain in the story that this prophet nor prophecy are an addition to the Bible, just merely events predicted and are now unfolding in relationship to the thunders spoken of in Revelation 10. My hope is to give the Christian audience the adventurous-edge of your seat story Christian fiction lacks, while enticing the secular audience to see abortion as God sees abortion while being entertained by the action-adventure ride to the end.

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