3 comments on “Basking in the Son – Episode 4

  1. Great episode about Christian filmmakers using issues-based stories as the basis for initial films. There is another important aspect to this that we pursue at Advent Film Group in the making of our films such as COME WHAT MAY, and HERO, and that is the opportunity to serve others beyond the audience. By tackling issues, which pre-existing ministries or organizations are already addressing and serving in their communities, we are able to serve both the organizations and the people being served. Our movies provide them tools for outreach, counseling, fundraising, etc. I think that is part of the reason that the Lord is blessing these efforts… because it reflects His glory and not those of the filmmakers or the films themselves. Sherwood Pictures is a great model for this. And the Kendrick brothers are our role-models and inspiration for Christian filmmaking.

    Thank you for being such good stewards of the media platform. We appreciate your support for COME WHAT MAY and HERO.

    You might want to do an episode on Christian organizations or film companies who are teaching and raising up the next-generation of Christian filmmakers and how they are doing it.

    George Escobar
    Founder – Advent Film Group

    • It is available on Itunes. Just search for Basking in the Son on podcasts and all four episodes are available for download.

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