2 comments on “Basking in the Son Ep 3 Coming Soon

  1. Hey guys,
    I just started listening to episode 3 last night of the podcast (I know it’s like 4 months old already). ANyways, you talked about writing a post at some point about all the things that C10 Pictures required of you as you got your film ready for distribution. Did you ever write that blog post? I browsed the blog and didn’t come across it. Let me know if you ever do write that article, I’d love to read it.

    I really enjoy you guys’ podcasts, I’ve listened to only one and a half though. Have you thought about limiting the time frame to 15-18 minutes? I’m sure I’d never miss an episode if that were the case.

    • Thanks Jake! We will have a post about deliverables in the near future. Meant to have it up by now, but things have been busy.

      We always intend to keep our podcast around 1/2 hour. If we include an interview with another person or are talking in-depth about a lengthy subject, it will run longer.

      The end result is that the podcast is always longer than we plan.

      The beauty of a podcast, however, is the freedom to have it as long or as short as you want. Our goal is to keep it concise and entertaining. We are getting better at it and feel that, as long as the information is helpful or entertaining, that it should stay in the podcast.

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