9 comments on “Basking in the Son! – Episode 1

  1. You guys are AMAZINGGGG!!!!! I know Dorothea, and lemme tell you she is SO talented with everything she does!!! The podcast, and the upcoming DVD Purgatory in the U.S.A!!! She is so involved, and so incredible at everything she does, I know she’ll go far!!! Dorothea, keep me up to date with new pods!!! I wanna hear them all 😀 GOOD JOB GIRLIE!!!!! God bless!!!

  2. Hey guys, thanks for the plug for Find Me. Great podcast, much appreciated! If you want to interview Tracy Trost for a future podcast, shoot me an email and let me know.

  3. Thanks so much for your publicity. For a first podcast you all did a fantastic job. I look forward to more of these as time goes on! Thanks for mentioning Bringing Up Bobby as well, The Staron Brothers are awesome guys 🙂 Let me know about any new mentions of Standing Firm or The Grace Card in the future. Thanks again!

  4. We’ve submitted the podcast to ITunes, but have not had confirmation that it is available for subscription yet. I anticipate that should be made available soon.

    I’ll check out the SW you mentioned. Thanks! And God bless.


  5. Dorothea you did a great job. We look forward to you next ‘cast. (Note to self: Get Dorothea’s autograph.)

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