One comment on “Forgiven Re-write Completed

  1. This sounds like its going to be a great film! Sometimes I myself stuggle with forgiveness. I am practicing Catholic and I’m very religious, but its hard to forgive people who have really hurt you physically or emotionally. But I think to myself that God forgave the very people that were killing him. Just the thought of this overwhelms me. If he can do that I can most definitly forgive someone for any pain they caused me. I also think that everyone makes mistakes, you know, and its just human nature. So why hate someone for their mistakes when you can help them to fix it.
    I think this is a great film to show people, so you get the message of forgiveness across to everyone.
    I can really relate to this film and I would love the opportunity to audition for this. I think it would be a very fun as well as religious experience!

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