5 comments on “Purgatory, USA: Episode 1 – Now Online!

  1. Pete and Team – great job. I liked the mix of story and humor. I liked the dialog of DC with the audience. This is the result of a ton of work and you all deserve a VERY WELL DONE – FAITHFUL SERVANT!

    My only constructive comment is that DC mentioned her “sin” in the bible / journal segment. I felt there was no basis for that comment. I am not saying she did not “sin”, but that you did not describe it as the “sin of ….” Also, it might have been helpful to … at the end of the day, she does a reflection of how she has immitated Christ and failed “sinned” in the area of judging people.


  2. The first cut is sensational. Dotty (wife) and I enjoyed the serious as well as light-hearted moments. Dorothea and Tiffany brought a fresh enthusiam to the “silver” screen.

    Praying for your continued success as well as some respite from your hetic schedule.


  3. Thanks John. The inclusion of her battle with sin is not specific to this episode, but a foreshadowing of her entire faith journey to occur over of the entire summer. I guess I could have made that clearer, but that was the intent.

  4. Hi Everyone Involved,

    I just finished Episode 1. I found it entertaining and appealing. I like the combination and interaction of the lighthearted “peppy” personality of Babs with the more pessimistic and almost sullen or cynical personality of Nikki. They counteract each other well and lend humor to their interactions.

    I also enjoyed the fact that the lesson Nikki learns in Episode 1 is portrayed in a very real way in which you can relate to her emotions. The episode takes you on a journey with Nikki, in which you can grow and learn with her. I like the way you did that. I think it has a very effective way of sharing the message.

    Can’t wait to see more.


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