2 comments on “Purgatory, USA – The Lord Must Think Highly Of Me…

  1. Uncle Pete – This post made me reflect on my own life and others close to me regarding the point about what we can handle. It is amazing how much people can accommodate, stretch and adapt when they need or want to. If you are exhausted, do something you enjoy to refresh yourself and take a time out. You deserve a break and I’m sure it will inspire the creative juices to be at their best. You have accomplished a lot so take care of yourself, ok? Besides, tomorrow is Friday. It’s time to dance short jig!

  2. The short jig… the last time I did that I pulled something. It wasn’t pretty.

    You’re right, Laura… and in the grand scheme of things, my problems are all good problems to have… they’re not health issues or hurricane issues or whatever. They’re creative issues and time issues.

    Everything will get done. I just won’t have a good nights sleep during the process. 🙂

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