2 comments on “Purgatory, USA – Editing Completed!

  1. Let me ask a crass question (I know you are surprised something crass coming from me.) “And why can’t we see the shows now?” How about this… “Pass out DVD’s to those who want one (like me) and see what happens. If you are wrong, well God can make good from it. He made good come out of Adam and Eve’s rejection, didn’t He? Making a mistake at this level is pretty minor.” Last one… “Let’s have some action. The Holy Spirit likes action, so let’s get off the thinking rock and do something.”

    I am glad you have completed them. I am very proud of you.

    Love Paul

  2. I laughed when reading that you laughed while praying. I feel like that happens to me al lot of the time. Just when I wonder what I’m supposed to do or what the answer will be, I realize that it is either staring me in the face or that I am meant to be held in suspense before it is revealed. I think it is amazing that you can write, cast, shoot, edit and publish your work! I am interested to see how you are inspired moving forward.

    Love u!

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